The Challenge: Providing greater health care access where we live

How much does it cost you to go off-island for your healthcare needs? There’s definitely a financial cost. There’s also a time cost. And a cost due to the stress it causes you. And if the delay makes your situation worse . . . what is the cost of that? And what are you going to do as you age on the island? Will you have to leave because there is not adequate health care close to home?

Beyond our need for accessible and expanded primary care on Bowen, our community simply has no available space for needed healthcare services and programming. Over the past few years, finding available space for LifeLabs has been challenging. In addition, we are not able to take full advantage of the programming offered by Vancouver Coastal Health in chronic disease management programs such as asthma, COPD, heart health, arthritis, diabetes, etc. and in immunization clinics, pregnancy, infant and toddler education, and many other areas to improve the health and well-being of the community.

Competition for physicians is fierce outside of Canada’s urban centers. For a physician looking to establish a new practice, a well-equipped, team-based facility, with shared overhead costs, presents a compelling professional and business opportunity. Combine this with the many lifestyle attractions of our island location and community, and Bowen has a strong package to offer the physician recruitment market. Over the past few years we have received numerous unsolicited expressions of interest from physicians who have heard about our plans for a health centre — this before starting the formal process of recruiting.

With more physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare services on Bowen, we will be able to save the costs, time, and stress associated with leaving the island. We will be able to take better care of our health and enjoy our Bowen life even more.

The Solution