Recruiting & Management

Physician recruitment will be approached from several directions. There are several advertising venues specific to physicians, and a number of physicians and health industry professionals have indicated their willingness to contact colleagues who may be interested.

The Foundation believes that Bowen Island’s life-style and proximity to Vancouver combined with a new, well-equipped facility with a very attractive lease package and shared overhead costs, gives us a real advantage over more remote locations.

Appropriate candidates will be invited to spend some time on Bowen where they will be formally interviewed by the Foundation and introduced to the community through various social activities designed around the physician’s family composition and interests. Candidates will also be introduced to the island’s physicians.

The health centre will be the focal point of a team-based collaborative model of health care delivery with an interdisciplinary approach to health care intervention to meet the expressed needs of Islanders.

The governance and stewardship of the Bowen Health Centre will be central to the Foundation’s on-going role. Organization structure, policies and procedures will be developed and implemented to assure we are providing quality health services to Bowen residents and visitors.  The Bowen Island Health Centre will involve members of the community through our community-based board of directors, through community advisory committees, through patient satisfaction and feedback surveys, through community forums, and through other mechanisms to assure the needs and priorities of the community are being met.

The physician group will provide primary and enhanced care, while the Foundation will source, co-ordinate, and schedule programs which fall outside of primary care, such as:

  • Home and Community Care
  • VCH North Shore Chronic Disease Services
  • Mental Health
  • Social Work
  • Caring Circle Health Resource Centre programs
  • Public Health clinics
  • Life Lab services and
  • Telehealth connections for off-island consultations

The Foundation will  lease space to allied professionals to further the integrated collaborative goal of the health centre.

Ultimately the success of the facility will rely on the ability of the community to identify and fulfill the health priorities of the community, the quality and responsiveness of the physicians to provide greater access to primary and enhanced care on-island, and the delivery of health and social services and programming for well being.

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