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Health Centre Concept

We are not just building a facility, we are building a space for the Bowen spirit of caring to grow and flourish—a place where we can be taken care of when needed and to learn to take better care of our loved ones and ourselves.

The long-term vision for the centre goes beyond our primary care needs. It will be a place of community outreach for health including, for example, CPR training, first aid training, and well-baby clinics. It will be a place to learn about prevention so that we can all take a more active role in our own health.

The health centre will be located in Snug Cove on Lot 3 of the Community Lands, just south of the new Fire Hall site. A generous donor, committed to expanding health services on-island, has enabled the purchase of the land. The new building will be approximately 10,000 square feet accommodating reception, primary and enhanced care treatment areas, allied professional services, and public programming space.

Expanded hours of access to medical services is a central need of the community. To begin, the centre will be open for extended hours Monday through Friday, and for at least one half-day on the weekend. The long term goal is to have after-hours on-call service. Ongoing, service hours will be adjusted to meet community needs.

The core team will include a collaborative group of primary care practitioners. This will allow more residents to have a primary care doctor close to home. The centre will also be equipped to handle enhanced care needs – medical problems that need to be treated right away, but are not considered life or death emergencies.

The planned service model for the health centre integrates primary and enhanced care services with Vancouver Coastal Health nursing services and clinics as well as the services of allied health professionals, such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy. LifeLabs collection service will have use of a space in the centre. We have a dentist committed to setting up a practice in the new facility.

With more physicians, services and equipment available at the planned Bowen Island Community Health Centre, we will have more health care resources available close to home when a primary care doctor is needed.

Community needs will determine requirements for additional services in the future. Surplus income and additional fundraising campaigns if needed, will be used to cover capital requirements for these needs.

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