Bowen Island Health Centre Quick Facts

A health centre designed and constructed for current and future health service needs of Bowen’s residents and visitors. A professional and business opportunity to attract needed physicians. A health centre that integrates primary care services with health promotion and illness prevention programs, and delivers additional services and programs that address local factors that affect people’s health.

Location & size

  • Near Snug Cove on Lot 3 of the Community Lands, abutting the southern boundary of the Fire Hall site, 109 feet in width, and running east from Millers Road to the boundary of Crippen Park
  • Size 8000 sq ft

Hours of operation

  • Extended hours Monday through Friday
  • At least half-day on weekend
  • Long-term goal to have after-hours on-call service

Services offered

  • A core health team of primary care physicians
  • Vancouver Coastal Health nursing services and clinics
  • Allied health professionals such as physiotherapy
  • Life Labs
  • Equipped to handle urgent care needs
  • Future services dependent on community needs and feasibility

The Need