Bowen Island Health Centre Quick Facts

What is it

Health Centre Concept

The new Bowen Island Community Health Centre will be designed and constructed for current and future health service needs of Bowen’s residents and visitors. It will provide a professional and business opportunity to attract needed physicians. The Health Centre will integrate primary care services with health promotion and illness prevention programs, and deliver additional services and programs that address local factors that affect people’s health.

Location & size

  • Near Snug Cove on Lot 3 of the Community Lands, abutting the southern boundary of the Fire Hall site, on Millers Road
  • Size 10,000 sq ft

Hours of operation

  • Extended hours Monday through Friday
  • At least half-day on weekend
  • Long-term goal to have after-hours on-call service

Services offered

  • A core health team of primary care physicians
  • Vancouver Coastal Health nursing services and clinics
  • A dental practice
  • Allied health professionals such as physiotherapy, social services
  • Life Labs
  • Future services guided by community needs and feasibility


The opening of the new Bowen Island Health Centre is scheduled for 2023. The sooner we raise the capital, the sooner we can begin construction.

Download the detailed brochure.

The Need