COVID-19 Town Halls

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Keeping ourselves (and families) balanced in the time of COVID-19

You can view the recording of the April 18 Town Hall here.

What can we do to help manage stress and stay balanced? How can we help our children cope with extended confinement and feelings of anxiety? A virtual Q&A with:

  • Dr. Gayle Goldstein – Registered Psychologist
  • Dr. Stephen Kiraly – Psychiatrist
  • Maureen Mackey– Psychiatric Nurse

Saturday, 11 April 2020

How is the municipality managing our COVID-19 response?

You can view the video of the April 11 Town Hall here.

A discussion and Q&A with key players responsible for ensuring Bowen is prepared as a community to deal with diverse challenges posed by the pandemic.

  • Gary Ander – Mayor, Bowen Island Municipality (BIM)
  • Jennifer McGowan – Emergency Program Coordinator, BIM
  • Maureen Nicholson – Councillor, BIM, and administrator of “Bowen Island Flatten the Curve” Facebook group

Saturday, 04 April 2020

You can view the video of the April 4 Town Hall here.

The Bowen Island Heath Centre Foundation’s first Saturday Town Hall panel featured these Bowen professionals:

  • Dr. Sue Schloegl– Primary care physician, Bowen Island
  • Lloyd Purdy – Primary care physician, Vancouver 
  • Gayle Goldstein – Psychologist specializing in crisis/trauma counselling
  • Sandy Logan – Registered physiotherapist
  • Rod Marsh – Chair, BIM Community Economic Development Committee
  • Colleen O’Neil – Program Director, Caring Circle Health Resource Centre
  • Moderator – Steve Mitchell, Director, Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation