Community Programs

Man and boy flying a kite at the beach.

Community Programs

Credit: Maria Turnbull

The BIHCF has been a proactive advocate for health and wellness on Bowen even as the health centre remains in the planning and construction stage.

When COVID-19 struck, the BIHCF hosted virtual Town Halls and Q&A sessions on Bowen to bring the community professional advice from healthcare providers and others on managing various health-related and practical issues raised by the pandemic. This began to position BIHCF as the go-to organization on the island for information, advice, and assistance.
In June 2021, the federal government announced the availability of the Economic Community Support Fund (ECSF) to support front-line organizations working with vulnerable populations impacted by COVID-19. $70,000 was earmarked for Bowen Island. Working with the BI Community Foundation, BIHCF applied for the funds and received the full amount.
Through a successful communications strategy, we solicited and worked with local front-line organizations to design and develop programming for the physical, mental, and social well-being of Bowen Islanders effected by COVID-19. We partnered with 11 organizations to deliver 17 different programs including children’s trauma workshops, adult mental health counselling, Christmas hampers, and recreational programs.
All of these activities have provided us with a fuller picture of the health and well-being needs of our community.

As we move into operations, please check back here for updates on new community programs and outreach.