Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation

Our Vision: To help ensure every resident and visitor on Bowen Island has access to preventive and primary health care services without leaving the island. 

Our Mission: To promote wellness, enhance the quality of life, and improve health security for all Bowen Island residents and visitors, which we aim to accomplish by creating an accessible, coordinated, and integrated community health centre.

The Bowen Island Health Centre initiative is being led by the Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation. The goal of the Foundation is to improve the health services for the residents of and the visitors to Bowen Island, British Columbia, by: identifying the health care needs of those residents and visitors; working alone or in partnership with any qualified organizations or with any Canadian government body, to develop and/or deliver programs to address those needs; and providing medical facilities and medical equipment to be used for the benefit of residents of and visitors to Bowen Island.

The Foundation represents our community. The health centre will be community-owned. This means that the facility will be owned by the Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation and governed by a board of community residents. It will work collaboratively with the community and with health centre staff to identify new community needs and to facilitate responses to such needs, allowing the community to enjoy the benefits arising from the centre.

Annual surpluses from rent will be re-invested in the facility as capital improvements and/or equipment, and the Foundation will continue to fundraise as necessary for new equipment and improvements. The Foundation will also work with Vancouver Coastal Health and the Ministry of Health for eligible operating funds.

Meet our Board of Directors

Tim Rhodes, President

Architectural and interior design/project management; developing organizational competence and achieving vision; entrepreneur.

“We have a very real and achievable vision of a health and urgent care centre on Bowen. It has been a goal of mine and many others for a long time, and will provide greater health security and self-reliance.”

Colleen O’Neil, Vice President

Former registered nurse in obstetrics emergency, surgical, operating room, pediatrics, geriatrics, palliative care; advocate for health care; avid volunteer; started Caring Circle Health Resource Centre; various boards.

“I have a real passion for improving access to health care on Bowen. Over the past few years we have made some significant strides. The community health centre is an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of Bowen Islanders.”

Ken McArthur, Treasurer

Financial management and control; establishment of financial policies and procedures; business evaluation of new opportunities and possible acquisitions; executive leadership; negotiations; investment management.

“The health centre will be a vital community resource that will positively impact both the health of our residents and visitors, as well as Bowen’s local economy. As a board member of the Foundation, this is my first real chance to make a valuable contribution to the community. The health centre is a cause that I know is a high priority to Bowen.”

Sheree Johnson, Secretary

Industry and consulting experience in marketing, sales, research, finance, strategy development, and planning; entrepreneur and owner of two companies; engaged volunteer for the BI Community Foundation, BIM Economic Development Committee, BI Arts Council, Canadian Coastal Research, and Defend Island Forests.

“Accessible healthcare for Bowen residents has been a need and priority for Islanders for years. We have the will and the resources to develop a health centre on Bowen. It’s time to stop the needless stress and finally bring healthcare close to home.”

Bill Brown, Director

Executive leadership of several large, public companies; goal-setting and strategic planning skills; strategic advisor; collaborative facilitation and consensus building within a multidisciplinary group.

“I love Bowen and I want it to be a safe place for all who live and visit. Without access to health care close to home, I’m afraid that many of us will need to leave this beautiful island permanently. A health centre would go a long way to making a real difference.”

Dr. Clive Jones, Director

Successful dental practitioner; entrepreneur; team-building; community advocate.

“I have had the privilege of living and raising a family on Bowen for the last twenty five years. I believe that having a multi-disciplinary healthcare facility is essential for all generations of current and new Bowen Islanders.” 

Jennifer McGowan, Director

Emergency program development, training, and implementation; community partner engagement; corporate planning and risk management; on-call medical responder; Master of Public Health.

“I recognize the importance of access to primary care in affecting health outcomes, and strive to work towards Bowen Islanders accessing health care services closer to home, and to age in place for as long as possible.  I am proud to be working with a team that is making the dream of a health centre on the island a reality, and I am committed to using my training and experience to further this cause.”

Susan McIntyre, Director

Business consultant in business improvement; coaching management teams and individuals to lift performance; leading and coaching business transformation initiatives to improve work processes, practices, performance management and business outcomes; facilitating workshops and problem solving sessions focused on improving outcomes for provincial governments, crown corporations, private companies and healthcare authorities.

“Having raised four kids on the island from infancy to teenage-hood and as a result having experienced a range of health issues from the simple to the complex, I personally understand the significance and importance of having access to a range of healthcare services on Bowen. Ensuring access to a range of health services is important to the quality of life on Bowen and I’d like to be a part of making that happen.”

Steve Mitchell, Director

Executive leadership in internal and external communications; media relations; issues/reputation management; branding; corporate responsibility strategy; speech writing.

“This clinic will be a game-changer for Bowen families. It will give us the medical care we need, when we need it, while adding a major new dimension to the health services immediately available on-island. By working together, we can ensure that Bowen Island has the same level of quality health care that other BC communities enjoy.”

Dr. Lloyd Purdy, Director

Practicing Family Physician with experience  in a wide range of healthcare settings in Canada , South Africa and the United Kingdom. Medical Director of REACH community health centre responsible for clinical leadership, governance of multi-physician practice, service model development, planning. 

“As the current medical director for a community health centre in Vancouver, I believe the new Bowen Island health centre will create the right environment to attract healthcare professionals to Bowen and will provide the best patient experience for our residents and visitors.”

Paul Stratford, Director

Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), entrepreneur with a focus on engaging individuals and groups to make investments successful and active including growing businesses for ultimate sale.

“Through growing the Ruddy Potato to its current location, working with The Orchard to crystallize its ongoing success in the early years, membership in the Snug Cove planning process, and as a director on Bowen Island boards, (Island Pacific School, Tir Na Nog, Bowen Island Health Care Foundation), I have had, and continue to have, a passion for creating a sustainable life for Islanders where jobs and services reside on Bowen.  A health centre has consistently come up as one of the highest priorities of Islanders and the availability of accessible, high quality primary health care is a must in the definition of Bowen as a community.

Foundation Committees

Much of the work at the Foundation happens in our Committees. If you are interested in being part of these exceptional teams, please contact us at

Facilities Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operations Committee

Members: Tim Rhodes, Bill Brown, Ken MacArthur, Dr. Matt Blackwood

The Facilities Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operations Committee (Facilities Committee) is a standing committee of the Board. The role of the Committee is to provide leadership and direction to Board-approved Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation facilities projects. Specifically, the mandate of the Facilities Committee is to advise the Board on:
–  Policies, planning, development stewardship and financial sustainability for lands, facilities, infrastructure and related property matters
–  Design, construction, maintenance and renovation projects including related furniture, fixtures, equipment and services
–  Leases, permits, and regulatory requirements

Fundraising Committee

Members: Colleen O’Neil, Bill Brown, Dr. Clive Jones, Steve Mitchell

The Fundraising Committee is a standing committee of the Board.  The role of the committee is to develop and execute the fundraising strategy for the Bowen Island Health Centre, including facility construction, maintenance, renovations, additions, fixtures, furnishings, and equipment.

Health Services Committee

Members: Dr. Matt Blackwood, Dr. Clive Jones, Sandy Logan, Jen McGowan, Sue McIntyre, Dr. Sue Schloegl, and Gregory Smith.

The Health Services Committee is a standing committee of the Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation Board. The purpose of the Committee is to plan optimal health services for Bowen Island residents and visitors based on development of an understanding of the health needs of the community, the health services available, and identification of sources of funding and delivery for new services.

Communications Committee

Members: Steve Mitchell, Tim Rhodes, Sheree Johnson

The Communications Committee is a standing committee of the Board. The role of the Committee is to communicate our goals and mission, to develop and maintain our image in the community, to identify appropriate tools and media to communicate with the community, and to establish and maintain open communications with the community.

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