New Physical, Mental, and Social Programs to Help Islanders Most Affected by COVID-19

To help islanders most affected by COVID-19, these programs are provided in partnership with the Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation and are supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund, Community Foundations of Canada, and the Bowen Island Community Foundation.

Helping children with the trauma of living with COVID-19
Free workshops for parents and teachers that will help adults understand how stress presents in children and learn proven strategies to help children deal with the trauma of COVID-19 in an age appropriate and safe way.
Bowen Children’s Centre Society
Ann Silberman
Aquatic programs
Subsidized Aquatic Programs such as swim lessons, Aqua Fit and Aquatic Rehabilitation for all ages, for the community of Bowen Island, who have been financially impacted by Covid-19.
947 SWIM
Billi Behm
Connecting through COVID-19
Providing library access and free technical assistance to seniors and anyone struggling to access and use online resources, platforms and government services for support with health, social and financial information during the pandemic and beyond.
Bowen Island Public Library
Tina Nielsen
Adult mental health support
Providing financial subsidies for one-to-one counselling to adults affected by the stress and anxiety due to COVID related factors such as financial difficulties because of loss of work, family conflict due to isolation, child care concerns, fears of critical illness of loved ones, and complications when trying to work from home. 
Caring Circle 
Colleen O’Neil
Day camps 
Providing financial subsidy assistance to families whose income has been affected by the COVID19 pandemic to enable their children to attend summer day camps and after school programming, including staff for assistance with children who may need extra support so that they have a positive experience with their peers. 
BIM Community Recreation Department
Shauna Jennings
Family exercise boot camps
Providing financial subsidy assistance through two unique, well-rounded physical fitness workout classes for families: new mothers with their babies, and a parent and child (ages 8-19) to exercise and learn together. 
BIM Community Recreation Department
Sheana Stevenson

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