COVID-19 and the Bowen Health Centre

As we all grapple with the unprecedented change and uncertainty that has descended with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is deeply encouraging to hear the stories of cooperation and support emerging all over the world. Even as we increasingly stay physically apart, this crisis is drawing us closer together in ways we would never have imagined.

That spirit defines who we are as a Bowen community, and also defines our vision for a community health centre.  That vision is based on the principle of looking out for our neighbours as well as our own families, and working together as a community to protect our most precious gift: our health.  

The current crisis sharply highlights the safety net that our health centre represents. A community health centre is the focal point for a coordinated, team-based response to the changing health needs of the community. On Bowen, a health centre will provide additional primary care and other resources to ensure we have the on-island help we need to respond most effectively to the prospect of escalating health care demands at critical times like this.

The good news is that this badly-needed facility is moving closer to becoming a reality. We have had several strong expressions of financial support for the health centre in recent weeks, and today we are more confident than ever that we will reach our fundraising goal. 

Understandably, the current health crisis and social distancing have become significant factors in our effort. Our activities are being modulated to suit the evolving situation and will be less visible in the coming weeks. However, rest assured we are continuing to work behind the scenes to move this project forward as much as possible given the current reality. 

We have been touched by the people and groups on Bowen who have not only donated to the project, but have also been moved to help with their own fundraising initiatives. If you have an idea please contact us at We are hugely grateful of this support and would like to discuss how we can jointly coordinate any planning today and further down the road as the situation begins to normalize.

As always, we are continuing to accept pledges on our website at

On behalf of our Foundation, stay healthy, and thank you for your support.

As printed in the Bowen Island Undercurrent
March 26, 2020

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